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David Harkin's profile

Bike Car Sensor

There should be a sensor in every bike, which then makes a small beeping sound in any car if it tracks the bike is less than 25 meters a way. The small beep would encourage drivers to be extra aware that someone is travelling on a bike. There are so many near misses in the Uk, this kind if technology could help.
Posted 50 minutes ago by David Harkin
Rohan Patel's profile

Lost Phone Help

How about if you lose your phone and you report it lost. The first person that switches it on, the phone will take a 'selfie' of them which is sent straight to the police
Posted 6 hours ago by Rohan Patel
Beatrice Lovell's profile

Non-hollow Easter egg

Why can't you get filled easter eggs?? like a big Lindt Lindor Egg??? :D Mmmm... I know they'd be more expensive but 1. They'd last longer and 2. I think they could possibly be the nicest easter egg! :-P
Posted 3 days ago by Beatrice Lovell
Gary Wills's profile

Water Energy

Why can we use the power of water to generate electric/power?
We could put turbines in rivers and the ocean and use the tides, flow of the river and waves to generate power.
Posted 3 days ago by Gary Wills
David Harkin's profile

Idea Timer

To encourage people to engage with ideas on a daily basis, 7billionideas should have a timer on the top of the app (which you could hide if you find annoying) which could count down 7 minutes a day to encourage you to read other people's ideas. It could then go towards your stats, seeing which users are the most innovative contributors. Good ideas are only generated by healthy discussion, this could help.
Posted 3 days ago by David Harkin
Rohan Patel's profile

Staggered School Holidays

To avoid congestion in hotels and airports, different countries should have different school holidays! For example, British and a select few European countries' school holidays should be for two weeks until Easter. Other European countries or popular travelling destinations have two weeks off from Good Friday!!!
Posted 4 days ago by Rohan Patel
Jamal Sarwar's profile


Versace Versace Versace Versace. Good idea?

Thumbs up to rebel against bad ideas because every intention to help is good.
Posted 5 days ago by Jamal Sarwar
Jamal Sarwar's profile

Special Alarm

Nowadays phones have gps. An alarm that doesn't stop until you travel 2 metres away from where it went off will be a certain way to make you leave the bed.
Posted 5 days ago by Jamal Sarwar
Jamal Sarwar's profile

Lost Remote

There should be a feature on TVs or boxes on which there's a button and if you press it the remote vibrates or makes a sound. A common problem for many is trying to find the remote, this is a solution.
Posted 5 days ago by Jamal Sarwar
Pinaki Pillai's profile

Corruption App

An app where you could report various corruption encountered by Common man. We could search in the app for the common pattern of corruption in various govt department so that we can be better prepared. The govt can also use this data to formulate new laws and alter existing law in away so as to prevent the corruption.
Posted 6 days ago by Pinaki Pillai
Luke Jarvis's profile

Highlighter Width Adjuster

Quite simply a highlighter which you can adjust the width of the tip. It's annoying when you have a larger font and can't highlight the whole thing in one go but then maybe you have a smaller font and you end up highlighting on to the next line or previous!
Posted 7 days ago by Luke Jarvis
Herve Irankunda's profile

Bus Tracker App

An app which not only let's you know how far away your bus is but it's exact location. That way you can know if it's delayed and wait inside your house till the bus is near by
Posted 8 days ago by Herve Irankunda
Storm Machinine's profile

Money Connected 2 Silver

Currently the only thing holding up our system of money is the idea that the paper in your pocket has value. Other countries trade is goods because of trust, trust that we'll pay them back in equal payment. As for the idea of money having value this is false, the Civil War held by George Washington was against the idea of a National Bank because it wasn't connected directly to anything. They were robbing people by trading 18k gold for paper!

What I'd like is to have silver instead of bills, for example silver coins and silver plated bills. I'd prevent further economic collapse by damaging the 1% directly at there core.

In 2015 we'll go through a depression in the economy. Thank you!
Posted 8 days ago by Storm Machinine
Hadi Cahyadi's profile

Students Social Network

It will be fun if there is website to connect the students all over the world, to share their experience about their school or their acknowledge. The point is to give experience of eg. How study in america, england,china,etc. Maybe this idea like students exchange but undirectly. Not directly exchange the students. Just use online media.
Posted 8 days ago by Hadi Cahyadi
Gary Wills's profile

Stop Drink/drug Driving

All cars should be fitted with a breathalyser, if you have no alcohol or drugs in your system then the engine will start. In addition, anyone found cheating/breaking the law should be banned for longer and given a fine based on wages ie 25%-50% of your weekly wage
Posted 9 days ago by Gary Wills
James Johns's profile

Affilate Taxis

Since Uber, people love the recommend to a friend and get £10 credit. But a good customer, recommending you, and using you constantly. Should be constantly rewarded. Even if just a litte. My idea, a competitively priced Luxury taxi (to compete with Black cabs and Addison Lee) though if you recommend a friend. You get 10% of their journey cost in referral vouchers, and that friend also gets 10% in Customer loyalty credit. A company could profitably run without charging rent to drivers on cars and just taking a 50/50 split on jobs placed with the driver. This would earn the company gross 30%, and driver gross 50%. Marketing done for you
Posted 9 days ago by James Johns
James Johns's profile

contract clothes rental

We'll dress you! Full Mobile app. For men: Select brands, Trousers, Jeans, T shirts, Jumpers, Jackets Shoes and Suits. A full weeks worth of clothes delivered to you once a week, previous weeks clothes collected in shirtee Hamper and exchanged for your clean clothes. Pick what you want to wear online. £23.00 per week
Posted 9 days ago by James Johns
David Harkin's profile

Bed Ratings Trip Advisor

I think trip advisor should have an extra rating on where you can rate the bed out of 10. I'm in a really uncomfortable bed in a good hotel and I would have picked another hotel if I could have seen the bed ratings were shocking!
Posted 11 days ago by David Harkin
Lewis Haman's profile

Solving The Food Problems

I think, that we should all stop eating salmon and eat smaller fish, like anchovies instead. This is because for every 1 kilo of salmon produced it has to be fed 10 kilos of anchovies.
Posted 11 days ago by Lewis Haman
Susan Harkin's profile

Milk Cartons

I'm posting this idea on behalf of my brother Simon . He wonders if it is possible for manufacturers to put a mini jug like lip on a 4 pint milk carton, to stop the dripping while pouring ?
Posted 13 days ago by Susan Harkin
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