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Herve Irankunda's profile

Bus Tracker App

An app which not only let's you know how far away your bus is but it's exact location. That way you can know if it's delayed and wait inside your house till the bus is near by
Posted 15 hours ago by Herve Irankunda
Storm Machinine's profile

Money Connected 2 Silver

Currently the only thing holding up our system of money is the idea that the paper in your pocket has value. Other countries trade is goods because of trust, trust that we'll pay them back in equal payment. As for the idea of money having value this is false, the Civil War held by George Washington was against the idea of a National Bank because it wasn't connected directly to anything. They were robbing people by trading 18k gold for paper!

What I'd like is to have silver instead of bills, for example silver coins and silver plated bills. I'd prevent further economic collapse by damaging the 1% directly at there core.

In 2015 we'll go through a depression in the economy. Thank you!
Posted 2 days ago by Storm Machinine
Hadi Cahyadi's profile

Students Social Network

It will be fun if there is website to connect the students all over the world, to share their experience about their school or their acknowledge. The point is to give experience of eg. How study in america, england,china,etc. Maybe this idea like students exchange but undirectly. Not directly exchange the students. Just use online media.
Posted 2 days ago by Hadi Cahyadi
Gary Wills's profile

Stop Drink/drug Driving

All cars should be fitted with a breathalyser, if you have no alcohol or drugs in your system then the engine will start. In addition, anyone found cheating/breaking the law should be banned for longer and given a fine based on wages ie 25%-50% of your weekly wage
Posted 2 days ago by Gary Wills
James Johns's profile

Affilate Taxis

Since Uber, people love the recommend to a friend and get £10 credit. But a good customer, recommending you, and using you constantly. Should be constantly rewarded. Even if just a litte. My idea, a competitively priced Luxury taxi (to compete with Black cabs and Addison Lee) though if you recommend a friend. You get 10% of their journey cost in referral vouchers, and that friend also gets 10% in Customer loyalty credit. A company could profitably run without charging rent to drivers on cars and just taking a 50/50 split on jobs placed with the driver. This would earn the company gross 30%, and driver gross 50%. Marketing done for you
Posted 3 days ago by James Johns
James Johns's profile

contract clothes rental

We'll dress you! Full Mobile app. For men: Select brands, Trousers, Jeans, T shirts, Jumpers, Jackets Shoes and Suits. A full weeks worth of clothes delivered to you once a week, previous weeks clothes collected in shirtee Hamper and exchanged for your clean clothes. Pick what you want to wear online. £23.00 per week
Posted 3 days ago by James Johns
David Harkin's profile

Bed Ratings Trip Advisor

I think trip advisor should have an extra rating on where you can rate the bed out of 10. I'm in a really uncomfortable bed in a good hotel and I would have picked another hotel if I could have seen the bed ratings were shocking!
Posted 4 days ago by David Harkin
Lewis Haman's profile

Solving The Food Problems

I think, that we should all stop eating salmon and eat smaller fish, like anchovies instead. This is because for every 1 kilo of salmon produced it has to be fed 10 kilos of anchovies.
Posted 4 days ago by Lewis Haman
Susan Harkin's profile

Milk Cartons

I'm posting this idea on behalf of my brother Simon . He wonders if it is possible for manufacturers to put a mini jug like lip on a 4 pint milk carton, to stop the dripping while pouring ?
Posted 6 days ago by Susan Harkin
Daniel Gibbon's profile

Managerial Dismissal Review

With the considerably high amount of short-sighted owners of football clubs in the premier league and the rest of Europe, is it not fair to review the board members position if they are judged to unfairly dismiss (sack) a manager, or any staff for that matter? For example, a chairman/chief executive has been placed in charge to appoint a new manager of a club, who is then subsequently sacked to due the probable reason of a poor run of results. An external committee from the LMA should assess the position of this chairman also, who could be judged to have failed to fulfil his/her job responsibilities. There would have to be clear criteria in place to review. I would safely say some intervention like this would keep more manager's in their positions for longer.
Posted 7 days ago by Daniel Gibbon
Adam Kemble's profile


So Oman animal lover, I hate animals in distress or pain. There's a fat guy that lives in the house opposite me who I've had some conflicts with and don't get along with. Both him and his wife are horrible people. They have a big, Rottweiler that they have NEVER walked. It's around 3 years old, fully grown but never seen (it got out once so I saw it then and when it was a pup). They feed and water it but that's it. The RSPCA have been round their home twice because both me and my neighbours have complained about its welfare. I want to put up a big banner outside my home, that he and everyone else who passes can read, saying 'walk your dog and lose some weight whilst your at it' outside my house. Would this be breaking any laws and could I get in trouble for it?
Posted 7 days ago by Adam Kemble
Rhys Jones's profile

Dishwasher Table

I think personally that as time goes on people seem to look for generally easier ways to love their lives by having great new technology to help them to have overall an easier life for example a dishwasher, saves you washing the dishes? All you have to do is put them away, what about if there was a dining table with a dishwasher built in to the place mat so that once you finished your food the dish would disperse under the table to be cleaned and ten come back up clean for your next meal?
Posted 7 days ago by Rhys Jones
Andrew Lloyd's profile

Social Media For teenagers

As a parent I am concerned about safety for children on social media. My idea is a site called 'The Yard' as in school yard, where children/teens from the age of 10-16 can use the newly designed social media safely. To ensure safety the parents require to enter credit card details (no payment taken) to ensure traceability to the child's address which will put off people not in that age group. Once the child becomes 16 the account closes. This site could act as a feeder site to the likes of twitter/Facebook etc.
Posted 7 days ago by Andrew Lloyd
Reece Walley's profile

Training App (Technique)

Now I know there a tons of training apps on the market already, but from experience they all lack ability to identify faults, correct movements and ultimately lack the ability to teach proper technique to an effective standard.

My idea is simple. Say your a female who wants to start squatting to tone her bum and legs to get that "sexy" bottom half that is plastered in the media all the time, but she has no clue how to squat.

That's where to app steps in, the app will have the basics most others do, pictures of proper form, videos of good examples of squatting, a list of common faults to avoid etc. but how are you supposed to know if your squat is ok, if your movement pattern is smooth and correct.

The app will have video analysis, where you could just put you phone on a surface and record yourself doing a few squats. once recorded it will show you a side by side comparison of your squat and a good example of a squat, with the video it can highlights faults in your movement and things you did well, e.g "great attempts I only noticed 3 faults" "you tucked your chin to your chest" "your back rounded slightly" and your "knees went over your toes" the app could highlight these areas play them back zoom in etc so you can identify what looks wrong, then is shoes you little ques and tricks to solve these errors, e.g head up, weight on your heels etc. to correg your movement to a good standard an clearly show you each fault you made, how to correct it and give you progressive feedback.

Long winded I know, but I think it would be a good idea. There are so many story's floating around gyms and the fitness world with people ruining there vertebra through bad movements, or causing themselves real bad injures.

The idea is to simply to stop the bad movements and help the fitness industry. To teach in depth good movement.
Posted 7 days ago by Reece Walley
Reece Walley's profile

Food Analyiser

A handheld device that you can carry around with you and scan your food with. Once the food is scanned it can tell you exactly what values of the food you are about to eat have e.g what it's calorific value is, how many grams of protein, fat, carbohydrates,fibre, vitamins and minerals etc. and also tells you what preservatives, growth hormones or bad toxic chemicals that you wouldn't want to digest are in it. It would be cool if it had a scanner to tell you how long the food in the fridge has got left until it spoils. It would give people a safer way of eating. And it would also makes training and dieting easier to. And it would makes parents life's easier to assure there kids aren't eating harmful crap which is sold in stores every day.
Posted 8 days ago by Reece Walley
Adam Kemble's profile

Toothpaste Dispenser

Why can't toothpaste companies put toothpaste in the bottles you get filled with liquid soap that you push down and squirts out toothpaste instead of soap? I know there's something similar, but you can't refill it and you have to hold it and your toothbrush. Would be so easy. Probably have to make the toothpaste more liquidised or make the straw thing wider for it to come out easy though.
Posted 9 days ago by Adam Kemble
Tim Baker's profile

Healthy Fast Food

Why can't there be fast food restaurants like mc Donald's but a healthy fresh food option, pasta, salads, not deep fried chicken breast, fish. Could also have real fruit much better the a greasy burger
Posted 9 days ago by Tim Baker
Adam Kemble's profile

Brightly Coloured Barcodes

Instead of having black and white barcode's that are difficult to see amongst the background of the packaging. Why not have bright orange/yellow with a black barcode? A lot of older shoppers use the self service checkout and spend the majority of the time looking for the barcode to scan. Make it brightly coloured so people can clearly see where it is and would cut down queue times.
Posted 9 days ago by Adam Kemble
Mikey Cohen's profile

Public Toilet Finder

How good would it be that when you were desperate you could search and find the closest public toilet, like urban spoon for public bathrooms. It could even have a review system... 5 stars!!
Posted 9 days ago by Mikey Cohen
Justin Thibault's profile

Heat Changing Pots/pans

If a pan or pot has just been used, who can tell? Upon use, the pan or pot should change color based on the temperature. Would prevent many burns in the kitchen.
Posted 9 days ago by Justin Thibault
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