15th November 2016

7billionideas announces that it will be launching a collection of children’s books in 2017

Every day we have the great privilege of working with students of all ages on our activity days and through our competitions. We challenge these students to generate IDEAS on different everyday topics, we’re always inspired by the students we work with. As we’ve spent an increasing amount of time in the primary school space and in particular with key stage 1 students (aged 5-7), we’ve worked hard at making our days more narrative for our students to get deeper into the challenge. This has led us to create several short stories which in 2017 we shall be bringing out in our first collection of children books, known as the ‘7billBOOKS’.

The 7billBOOK collection will aim to inspire children to think big and generate their own ideas which could change the world. In a series of fun short stories, children will be inspired by other children who come up with ideas that could change the world. The ideas will be on a varied range of topics and at the end of each book, there will be plenty of space for children to write down their own ideas to show their parents or carers (and reflect on them in many years to come!).

Jenny Pool, Director at 7billionideas said ‘The 7billBOOK collection is something we couldn’t be more excited about. It’s an idea we’ve had for some time, but it’s been great to put pen to paper and begin to bring our ideas to life via the illustrations being created. We shall begin with 7 short stories and will be aiming to launch these in the middle of the year. The books have been written, the illustrations are being created and we can’t wait to finish everything off. We believe this really compliments our professional services in the education space.’

David Harkin, CEO at 7billionideas said, ‘We all feel like children at Christmas with our excitement in regards to the book collection. The stories are amazing and the illustrations are brilliant. Each time we see the next image, we are even more convinced that this collection of 7billBOOKS will help with our aim of inspiring every child in the world to think big. This is a big step in the right direction for helping us to achieve that goal.’

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