30th January 2017

7billionideas to launch crowdfunding campaign with international charity ‘The Lions’

On Saturday 4th February 2017, 7billionideas is excited to be launching a crowd funding campaign called #Roar2017 with the international charity the Lions Club.

For those who don’t know, 7billionideas is an ideas company which exists to connect the 7billion people on the planet with their own ideas. We do this via a number of different ways, including our education arm which exists to inspire students to think big and to dream big. Over the last 5 academic years, we’ve worked with over 50,000 students on our inspirational activity day programme and through our bespoke competitions for multi-academy trusts and charities.

#Roar2017 is an education project where The Lions and 7billionideas, have come together in our bid to inspire the next generation to think big and dream big about the possibility of their ideas.

How will we do this? By creating an inspirational ideas competition where we will challenge primary school students to generate and develop ideas that could change the world.

Why have we called it Roar2017? Because we want the next generation of children to start shouting out loud (and roaring out loud!) about their ideas. It also ties in nicely with the symbol of the Lions!

By doing this in 2017, it will be extra special as it is the Lion’s centennial year and we think this will be an amazing way to celebrate. However, like with everything, after coming up with a superb idea, we then had to come up with an even better idea to find the money to create this special competition. As a result, we decided to launch the first ever crowd funding campaign by the Lions in an effort to make this happen. Our pitch will be launching on crowdfunder.co.uk on Saturday 4th February

Initially we will be aiming to raise £12,000 – This will allow us to run the competition in 3 regions in the South East of England. However, our real goal and our stretch target is £40,000 – This will allow us to run it in 10 regions inviting over 1700+ schools to take part. The money will pay for facilitators, resources, goody bags for the students that make it through to the final (including T-Shirts, Medals and certificates), a video to capture our magical finals day and other areas which are required to launch, organise and create a successful competition.

Why is this important? It’s estimated that over 70% of 7-year-olds have already formed strong opinions about their future, ruling out possible career paths, because they already believe they’re not achievable. We think that’s unacceptable and that every child should be taught that anything is possible!

Naturally, we want to include as many schools, regions and countries as possible, but we need to begin somewhere. Our goal is to make 2017 a huge success and then in 2018 and beyond to roll the competition out across the UK and internationally.

So whether or not you’re a Lion that can help anywhere across the globe, a potential investor who believes passionately that we all have a responsibility to inspire the next generation, a parent who wants to aid us in turning around this worrying statistic about declining aspiration levels or a business looking to demonstrate they take their corporate social responsibility seriously, look no further!

We need your support to help make this a reality. Please watch out for the pitch which will go live on Saturday and if you have any questions in the mean time, please email enquiry@7billionideas.com or call us on 0207 754 0398. Let’s make this happen!

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