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Intern Programme

At the lifeblood of our company are our amazing set of interns, who strive every day to learn and help us grow.

During my time at 7billionideas, I assisted with the 7billeducation projects, this is where I discovered my true passion, that I wanted to work in creative education. I can honestly say that 7illionideas has kick started my career in Marketing & Creative Educational Development. The team are motivated, supportive & inspirational people to work with.

Lottie Wallis, Intern

Edward Matts

"I became an intern to broaden my skills and I'm now in charge of the Instagram account as well as supporting the activities on Twitter and Facebook. Being new to Social Media Marketing, everything I have learnt is from 7billionideas. I've learnt when to post and what to post, the time of day is crucial because you want as many people as possible to view what you are posting and most people have jobs so you don't want to be posting when they are working. Since being with 7billionideas it's helped my thinking about my own career. They've helped me with my CV, LinkedIn and writing my personal statement to get back into college. Without 7billionideas I wouldn't have been able to get accepted at Exeter College to study Business Management."

Emma Howe

"As social media started to develop I took a very keen interest into the online networking attribute, however, I didn't really picture myself with a role in this particular field. After being offered a social media position at 7billionideas and voluntarily working with them after the website had launched, it made me realise perhaps this was the career path for me. I left my full-time job and decided to start applying for social media internships. After interning for 5 months I managed to land myself the role of Social Media Executive at a brand development agency. I'd like to thank 7billionideas for encouraging and supporting me in my social media career & feel privileged to be apart of an inspirational company."

Lottie Wallis

"I started the Press & Marketing Internship whilst working as a Fashion Brand Manager - I wanted to change my career path and open new doors! My time at 7B allowed me to build key skills and to explore personal strengths and weaknesses. I was critical to the researching, creating and implementing of the first Press Strategy and Database.  I always had amazing support from the 7B Team. During my time at 7B I assisted with the education projects, this is when I discovered my true passion; that I wanted to work with schools. I can honestly say that 7B has kick started my career in Marketing and Creative Educational Development - the 7B Team are motivated, supportive and inspirational people to work with."

Saffron Manning

"I began working with 7billionideas as an intern within the education department as I wanted to try something different. Having been a recent school leaver myself, initially, I felt uncomfortable about running a workshop with a group of teenagers. However, with the support and encouragement of the 7billeducation team, I was able to assert myself positively in these new situations. Having gained this new-found confidence, I realised that I thoroughly enjoy working with young people and it is definitely something I would be interested in doing. Additionally, the 7billionideas team have acted as great mentors to me, helping to build my CV and challenge my character. Working as part of the team has been a thoroughly rewarding experience."

Chris Pool

"I was lucky enough to join the 7billion team in the Summer of 2013 and it has been an inspiring journey ever since. I have had the pleasure of assisting the team at several school days and produced content for the firm’s social media platforms. My experience with the company has developed my presentation skills, confidence and ability to deliver public speeches. I have thoroughly enjoyed the exposure I have had within the organisation, from inspiring the students on activity days, to client proposals and even strategic finance meetings. The team have been incredibly welcoming, knowledgeable, flexible to my other academic commitments and have been excellent mentors to me. With the help of the internship and the team, I am now lucky enough to have secured a graduate training contract with a market-leading, top 6 Accountancy firm."

Shaun Prankerd

"As a musician studying music at University, it was through my course that I first became interested in marketing, particularly online, with relation to artists. When I found out about a Social Media Marketing internship at 7BillionIdeas, it seemed like a fantastic opportunity to gain experience in the field and be involved with the company. Since starting I have worked with the 7billEDUCATION arm, managing the education Twitter feed, as well as attending school activity days. My time with 7B so far has given me a real insight into the potential strengths of social media in promoting a company, and implementing strategies. The team are a pleasure to work with, and are very accommodating to be flexible around my University hours, they have helped me develop my CV into something I am proud of, as well as providing me with the confidence to pursue a career in the field."

Lydia Palmer 

"7billionideas has been the perfect internship option for me, as it has allowed me the opportunity to gain extremely credible experiences in areas that personally interest me. For example, my current role focuses on supporting the company’s Vine and Instagram accounts, it has enabled me to learn new social media skills and brand communication. The best part about 7billionideas is that your internship is as much about you, as it is about the company. The team work hard to ensure you’re comfortable and feel supported, while creating flexible working hours to suit your needs. As well as your professional development, the team are also there to support you personally, for instance, helping to improve my CV and advice on applying for job roles."

Michael Smith

"I became an intern for 7billionideas helping with their web and app development. One of my first exciting tasks was to download the beta version of the new 7billionideas app and test it as I study computer science at university. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of finding bugs and then attempting to replicate them on different devices. In doing this, I could provide ideas with how to fix these problems and why they were happening. With the release of the new website, I went through it on multiple browsers finding bugs and reporting them. The company has helped me be more confident in what I do as well as develop my CV and get me onto LinkedIn."

Thomas Fitzgerald

"After hearing about 7billionideas on social media, I applied for an internship position to help build my experiences in education and develop my CV. I was taken on as an education intern, helping out with the running of day to day activities within the education business and supporting activity days in schools. This experience helped me to develop my confidence in regards to public speaking. I thoroughly enjoyed inspiring the children and seeing  their development through 7billEDUCATION programme. I worked closely with the leadership team to improve my CV and also understand stronger where my skill sets are. As a result, I shall be pursuing a career in sales once I graduate from University. 

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