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Away Days

Getting out of the office or doing something different in the workplace can break up your usual routine and inspire your employees. We can help.

You’ll be surprised at the impact an activity day with 7billionideas can have with your employees. It’s different, it’s fun, it’s innovative and some superb ideas can be taken away from the day. Your employees will be challenged to think differently and produce cost saving and revenue generating ideas. They will also learn about how other companies tackle innovation and will be empowered to go back into the workforce and make a difference. 

Simon Wallis, Non-Executive Director

Business Changing IDEA Day

This day aims to inspire every single employee to think big about their ideas. We start  by introducing your staff to our theory about how good ideas are generated and then made into reality. We then complete the first of 2 idea jams, one being about World Changing IDEAS and the second focused on Business Changing IDEAS. Following this, every single employee will have 15-20 seconds to present their idea to their peers in our ‘Ready Steady IDEAS’ sessions. Each will come to the front, say their idea and then get a green or red vote depending on if people like/dislike the idea. We will then pick a handful of ideas to develop. Your team will also be introduced to the concept of being an 'intrapreneur', someone who acts like an entrepreneur in a corporate environment. We'll empower your team to go back to their day jobs with a new outlook. 

Real business impact

As the day unfolds, teams of employees begin to develop chosen ideas. We encourage individuals to work as teams to think through the idea in more depth answering questions such as: What business impact will this make? Whose support would we need to make this real? Could it save the business money? Groups will present to their peers before a further down selection process takes place and we hold a final back in the main room. All ideas from the day will be typed up in a report and given back to you to analyse post the session. We hope that this day can be the first day in making innovation the norm and not the exception in EVERY employee’s normal working week.