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Our 7billAMBASSADORS help push 7billEDUCATION to maximise our educational impact to your students. We're proud to have a selection of inspirational teachers.

David James, Assistant Head - AKIS (Qatar)

David is a strategic thinker who is passionate about all young people getting an opportunity to fulfill their potential. David has worked in Education for 23 years including 3 International schools and UK schools. Taking on the role of Head of Department on his first day of teaching he has since been a Head of Secondary, a Department Head Head of House and Head of Year. In Colombia he developed a whole Secondary section from one Year 7 class and has also been one of four who created a whole new House system in a school in Farnham. This is where 7billionideas first begun to work with David, delivering our enterprise programme with their Year 7s. David completely understood the important of our work and promoted everything we did with the students in and outside of the school. We're now working together to see how we can develop our offerings in the middle east and hope to work with David for many years to come. 

Mel Pearce,  Assistant Head, Perins School

Mel Pearce is the Assistant head at Perins School in charge of student learning skills. She is passionate about students having a broad and balanced curriculum that prepares them for a life outside of school. She truly believes that the modern day student will be going into jobs that don't currently exist, so it is our job to help develop skills in communication, collaboration and creativity and this is why she loves working with 7billionideas. We began working with Perins in 2012 and the relationship has flourished. 7billionideas has really enjoyed working with Mel as she is a thought leader in innovation in schools and we delighted when she accepted our offer to become a 7billAMBASSADOR. She is a great advocate for our 'World Changing IDEAS' programme and believes students should be given explicit opportunities to develop these skills to realise that ‘the ideas person’ is where is all begins.

Ian Smith, Vice Principal, Surbiton High School

Ian has been a teacher of Economics and Business studies for over 20 years and is a holder of the Queen's Award for Enterprise promotion which he won in 2013. Surbiton High School has worked closely with 7billionideas throughout the past number of years. Our confidence in developing this relationship and partnership resides in the excellent work since the start of our association. Throughout, we have had a high level of trust in the engagement with our pupils across all age groups and regard the planning, organisational and delivery skills as being exceptional and aligned to our values. Surbiton High School endorses every aspect of our association which has already impacted on the learning, leadership skills and personal growth of our pupils. We are excited to launch #UnitedApp together in September.

Verity Brazendale, Head of PHSE, Weald Of Kent

Verity is head of PSCHE in a girl’s Grammar school in Kent.  She has responsibility for whole school alternative curriculum time throughout the year.  She raises student aspirations and self-belief through whole school initiatives. She has worked with 7billionideas to create bespoke curriculum days which include creative, visionary opportunities for young people.  Verity has worked with us since 2011 and fully supports everything that we do and has said that we are 'a truly inspiration company to young people and refreshing innovative force in today's society.' Verity has helped 7billEDUCATION with her enthusiasm and approach to teaching and we're delighted she has become one of our 7billAMBASSADORS.

Nick Heard, Vice Principal, Lambeth Academy

Nick has spent all of his teaching career in London schools and is passionate about ensuring that every student achieves their full potential. Nick recognises the unique spirit found in London’s students and is relentless in supporting their achievement, despite the disadvantage that many London students face. Nick is currently Vice Principal of Lambeth Academy and was inspired by his first encounter with 7billionideas and recognised the potential impact that collaborating with them would have on the opportunities for the students he has the privilege to teach. Nick has developed the WeAreLondon programme with 7billionideas and recognises it as a key opportunity to tackle the challenges that disadvantaged students may face outside of the classroom.

Lisa Harms, Head of Opening Minds, FHES

Lisa Harms is Head of Opening Minds at Farnham Heath End School. She is passionate about students having a richly varied, balanced and modern curriculum that prepares them for a life outside of school. She truly believes that children today face a wide range of environmental, technical, social and economic challenges which go far beyond the scope of the National Curriculum.  They also have to cope with a rapidly increasing volume of information in a fast-changing world. She wants the students of Farnham Heath End School to experience a curriculum that does not focus only on subject content, but will provide students with the skills and abilities that they will need if they are to make a success of their future lives. This is why she loves working with 7billionideas.

Natasha Prankerd, Head of House, Sidcot

Natasha is in her fourth year as a teacher of Geography and has recently just been appointed Head of House at Sidcot School. A big aim for the school is to encourage students to think about how they can become ‘global citizens’ and how they can take responsibility for challenging global issues. "The ‘World Changing IDEAS’ programme really helps the students’ and challenges them to think about ideas that could really make a difference in society. 7billionideas tailored a really exciting programme where the fundamental ethos of the school was made integral to the activities proposed. The additional 7bill Club for our year 7 group has really encouraged our younger students to ‘get creative’. The team are so engaging and have boosted the confidence and aspirations in a number of our students.”