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Boot Camps

The 7billCAMP is designed around really diving deep into the idea journey and inspiring the students over a number of days. Get in contact if you think we can help.

The 7billCAMP is an opportunity to engage with students over a 3 day period and really dive into all aspects of the idea journey. We will inspire them to think big and dream big about the possibility of their ideas. Once they've generated a world changing idea, we will develop it and turn it into a prototype in the time we have. The 7billCAMP can be run at your school in the easter or summer holiday to help promote and drive enterprise.

Jenny Pool, 7billionideas Director

Day 1 - Morning

We will start the day with an inspirational kick off, introducing the students to 7billionideas and telling them our story from idea to reality. The second part of the morning they will spend some time researching into famous inventions and how they originated from the lightblub to the computer. Before lunch we will broaden their minds to begin to understand the difference between a business, political and cultural ideas.  This is to break down the misconception that ideas don't have to just be business ideas, but could be game changing social enterprise ideas too.

Day 1 - Afternoon

After an initial thinking game, the students will particpate in an ideas jam and have time allocated in a fun environment with music playing. They will watch 400 innovative ideas be played every 6 seconds to help broaden their minds and help each of them generate 4 ideas. We will then teach the students on how to deliver an excellent elevator pitch, before giving them time to work on their elevator pitch behind their idea. We will then finish off the day by conducting a 'Ready Steady IDEAS' lesson. Each student will have 30 seconds to present their idea to their peers in a round robin format. Students will then vote with green and red card if they like the idea. We shall select a number of ideas to be worked on for the following day.

Day 2 - Morning

Our second day will start with a bang, with another thought provoking thinking game to get the students back into swing of things. We will then divide the students into teams of 4 and they will begin work on developing their ideas. Their first task will be to research local entrepreneurs to choose one to be their team name. They will work on a document to understand what that entrepreneur has done and what their business does. They will receive a short lesson to help them understand all the elements an entrepreneur needs to make their idea real, before beginning to develop their idea in their team. 

Day 2 - Afternoon

After lunch, the teams will begin to develop their ideas, completing an ideas development document, creating posters and begin to build an initial prototype out of card. Midway through the afternoon they will receive a short lesson on understanding how to team well to succeed. Following this they will present their developed idea to their class. We will reduce the number of ideas being worked on at this stage and spend the rest of the day developing it further and building prototypes. We will also encourage the students to begin to build promotional adverts using videos to go live onto YouTube.

Day 3 - Morning

We will start the third day similar to the second with a fun thinking game and then present to the students what we will be looking for in the final and from the idea which will be pronounced a 'World Changing IDEA'. This will be an opportunity to explain our judging criteria and answer any questions the students might have. They will then be able to spend the rest of the morning finishing off their posters, prototypes, videos and presentations. A countdown timer will be on in the background so they begin to appreciate the pressure associated with a deadline.

Day 3 - Afternoon

After lunch the students will then present their ideas in a more structured format, with questions from our judging panel. There will be a break in the afternoon where the students will play the famous 'Marshmallow Game' before coming back and hearing the judges' decision. We will then recap everything that we've done and award certificates and prizes to everyone. We will then encourage them to work on their ideas in the future and to always follow their dreams.