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7billeducation exists to inspire students and teachers to think big and dream big about the possibility of their ideas.

Activity Days

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We run a 'World Changing IDEAS' Activity Day Programme based on either an enterprise, sustainability or health and well being theme.

Students get the opportunity to develop an idea which could change the world and create posters, models, jingles and presentations on their ideas before we pick a winner.

CPD Sessions

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We run sessions focused on developing ‘intrapreneurship’ within teaching and support staff, and enable them to use the skills of an entrepreneur within the context of their school.

Teachers have the opportunity to take part in a programme where they learn about innovation, develop their own ideas and are given the resources to implement them during the academic year.

Business Courses

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We run 3 different business courses. Unleashing Potential focuses on teaching students all about investment and in particular crowdfunding.

Reaching Potential is a unique multi day consulting experience. We give students a real life business problem to work on and develop a proposal in response to. They are taught to manage a client relationship and use their skills in a real world scenario.

UK Business Awards '18 - Finalist Independent Schools Awards 2018 - Winner St. Mary's University - Voluntary Work Placement Awards - Nominee Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs Education Resources Award 2018 Finalist Council of British International Schools - Members Anti-bullying Alliance - Associate Member African Promise = Better Primary Schools for Kenya

Think big, dream big

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