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This part of our website is dedicated to one of the competitions we run with the education body United Learning called #UnitedApp. Students and teachers can access the entry forms they require and the explanation videos they need to get involved.

#UnitedApp2018 - Student Explanation

We hope you enjoyed your roadshow presentation and we bet you can't wait to get started on generating, developing and then submitting your idea for this year's competition. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to really think big and generate an educational app idea that could have a global impact. Don't rush into completing your idea entry form, spend some time really thinking about a unique idea which will stand out from the crowd. If you want to recap the key things you need to know about this year's competition, watch the student explanation video again below. 

IDEA Entry Form - Round 1

To take part in this competition and be included in Round 1, you will need to complete an IDEA Entry Form and submit it by 4pm on the 17th November 2017 by sending it to unitedapp@7billionideas.com. Within the form, there is guidance and details on how to complete it fully. The biggest piece of guidance we can give you is to spend some time really thinking about your idea before you get started. Don't necessarily start work on the first idea you generate, but generate a few before selecting one which you think gives you the greatest chance of progressing to Round 2.

To take part, download the IDEA Entry Form here :  https://www.7billionideas.com/media/idea-entry-form-2018.pptx

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