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Our mission is to connect the 7 billion people on the planet with their own ideas, and since 2012 we have been helping businesses and organisations to do the same.

We believe any employee, no matter their role, is capable of innovating and generating ideas, big or small, that have value and should be heard. It is up to leaders to harness that innovation, for the benefit of their organisation and their employees.

Spark by 7billionideas is an all in one innovation package. It’s comprised of a digital innovation management platform that allows employees to record and share their ideas, along with a range of services and consulting provided by 7billionideas. We can become your innovation partner, building momentum with you to embed real innovation within your organisation or business.

The 7 Business Benefits


Revenue Generating


Cost Cuttings


Productivity Increase


Employee Satisfaction


Client Satisfaction


Talent Identification


R&D Budget Reduction

Case Study #1

Al-Shirawi Group

Navin Valrani

CEO Al Shirawi Group - Engineering Services

The Al Shirawi Group is one of the largest conglomerates in the Persian gulf. It’s largest component, Al Shirawi Engineering Services, partnered with 7billionideas to unlock the innovation of it’s 6000+ employees.

The very creation of any organisation starts with an idea. Today, the very survival of an organisation is on the basis of hundreds ideas, even thousands of them. Today, we depend on ideas from everyone – this is why we partnered with 7billionideas. The coming tide of change is like one we’ve never seen before and our ideas platform will provide us with the answers to the questions that we don’t even know yet. This is our best bet to be an organisation of the future and not one of the past.

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Where does the Spark best fit?

Our innovation platform is ideal in any organisation looking to drive positive business outcomes and improve employee engagement in industry such as:

Food & Beverage
Professional Services
Public Sector

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