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On the 29th May 2011, we came up with an idea to create 7billionideas. We then developed a business plan and sold equity in the company to create this website which launched on the 30th March 2012.

We then decided to use www.crowdcube.com (check them out - a fascinating company) to present our business plan to the world and help us find the next investment to take 7billionideas forward. This investment would allow us to build an iPhone application, whilst also having the necessary funds to develop the website. What happened next, we could not even predict.

We set out to raise £30,000 and achieved it in a record time on Crowdcube. On Friday 30th March we announced that our pitch had gone live and by 10.51am Monday 2nd April (111 minutes into the working week) -  All of our shares had been sold. A record for Crowdcube and testament to the work done by the 7billionideas team. Thank you to our new shareholders. We launched our pilot iPhone application on the 7th September 2012 :-)

7billionideas always has one eye on the future. After now successfully concluding two rounds of investment, we are looking at a number of options for the business over a much longer period. Please feel free to make contact with 7billionideas if you are interested in discussing this further and believe you can help.




twitter @7billionideas

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