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Employee Engagement is not just for Christmas

A Christmas employee engagement plan, when used wisely and as part of an ongoing strategy of involving your best assets in the future of your business, can have effects that last well into the new year. Businesses in the UK often have a complex relationship with this period of festivities, as staff hastily use up…

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Employee Engagement – your most valuable business tool?

One of the great challenges faced in highly competitive business environments is the need to constantly innovate. Technology is advancing at a dizzying rate and no matter how innovative and effective our product or services are today, businesses have to consider their version of tomorrow, too. But how best to do this? The answer might…

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Customer Engagement – how important is it?

When we talk about customer engagement, what exactly do we mean? Any business that has survived the start-up stage knows it goes beyond simply managing to get customers to buy a product or service from your organisation. Customers today are engaged at all levels with an eye-watering awareness of the markets. Whether it’s from a…

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Running a successful ideation workshop

  Imagine the scene. You know that innovation is key to driving your business forward. You need to inject some energy, spark and innovation into your business and you also know that those who can help you do this best are your team, the same team who are perhaps entrenched in your company’s brand identity,…

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