25th January 2019

UAE giant Al Shirawi Group Engineering Services celebrates moving into a 2nd year of their innovation ideas platform Spark.

7billionideas is delighted to announce a new and exciting phase in its collaboration with multi-million pound conglomerate Al Shirawi Group Engineering Services in the UAE.
The group is to roll out its second phase of Spark, the 7billionideas ideas platform designed to harness innovation within companies through employee engagement.

The implementation of Spark has given voice to 6,000 Al Shirawi employees by providing a platform for them to contribute their ideas for improving the company and embracing change. It is borne out of the philosophy of marginal gains – that if every employee enhances effectiveness in their area by even a miniscule amount, this would have incremental effects that ripple through the whole business and empower their employees.

The move marks the company’s second year into using Spark. In 2017 Al Shirawi trialled the innovation platform with a number of employees, resulting in 1500 ideas being shared and over 10,000 ‘likes and comments’ by the employees. Al Shirawi is the first company in the UAE to adopt Spark and firmly places it as the UAE’s leading exponent of employee engagement technology.

Navin Valrani, CEO of Al Shirawi Group Engineering Services said.: “We are really excited to commence phase two of Spark. Our ideas platform encourages innovation amongst our greatest asset, our people. It ensures that we are leading change rather than responding to it, and this has never been more important than it is today.”

Amongst the benefits of Spark are its promotion of bottom-up leadership and talent identification, factors that have guaranteed employee support for the platform. 7Billionideas CEO, David Harkin, commented: “Spark places employees at the centre of change by giving them a steer on their company’s future successes. It is an incredibly empowering tool. Working with Al Shirawi in their first year has been beyond a pleasure and I was delighted to be invited out to their celebrations at the end of last year. It’s a great pleasure to be working once again with such a progressive, forward-looking team and we can’t wait to get started implementing phase two of Spark at Al Shirawi.

To find out more about how Spark is enabling businesses across the world embrace change, visit https://www.7billionideas.com/innovation-hub



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