7th December 2016

7billionideas launches 7billTRAINING at the start of 2017

It’s extremely well publicised that every single day 7billionideas is inspiring students to think big and dream big about the possibility of their ideas. However, one of our hidden gems at 7billionideas is our training programmes, where we work with businesses and organisations of all sizes. Previously this has fallen under our 7billcorporate arm, but in 2017 this will become 7billTRAINING to make it nice and easy for everyone to understand!

Our training services have been operating for a number of years, delivering exceptional programmes that are bespoke to our clients. Our approach is to inspire, create and put into action ideas that can have a big business or organisational impact. We believe this is relevant to any part of any organisation. Whether you’re on a board of directors, leader of a sales team or head up operations, there is always room for new ideas that can help increase sales, decrease costs or increase customer and employee satisfaction to name but a few.

At 7billTRAINING, it’s not only about producing exceptional business ideas, but also the personal development of the employee. We believe every single person has the ability to be an ‘intrapreneur’, someone who acts like an entrepreneur, but inside a business or organisation. This person can live and breathe innovation every single day, but needs to have the right environment around them to help them flourish.

Our approach and our venues for our training make us completely unique at 7billionideas. We use our school network to host our training and include students in the creative challenges that occur. This has so many benefits, not only making a memorable training session for those who attend, but for the school students to have an opportunity to network with professional people, it proves to be an invaluable experience.

Mark Lean, Global Change and Transformation leader of a FTSE 100 company said, “I worked with 7billionideas on a major programme to support the development and embedding of a continual improvement culture, across a large, geographically disparate organisation. 7billionideas has an unrivalled ability to clearly understand customers needs and translate these into business deliverables. This project was a huge success, underpinning a change in organisational culture, delivering substantial and tangible business benefits. 7billionideas were an absolute pleasure to work with and thus come with my highest recommendation. “

Michelle Gant, HR Director said, ‘We worked with 7billionideas on our employee conference, the purpose of which was to empower our employees around the concept that they could each make a difference and come up with their own ideas for improving Freebridge. 7billionideas workshop was inspirational, authentic, engaging and fun, sharing his own personal journey and motivating attendees to come up with their own ideas in a supportive environment. The room was buzzing with enthusiasm, engagement and excitement and the result was that we now have over 200 ideas which we are working through.’

So if you’re looking for a memorable training programme that has a huge impact in 2017 – Challenge us to table something to you that is bespoke and different to what you have ever seen before and we will do it!

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