26th May 2017

7billionideas launches the 7billBOOKs to inspire the next generation

Inspired by the primary school students we work with every single day, 7billionideas made a decision in September 2016, that we would launch a series of children’s books known as the #7billBOOKS. These would be about young children coming up with ideas that could change the world on a variety of different topics. Underpinning each book would be a key theme such as sustainability or health and well-being.

The books range from a story about a little boy called Toby who invents ‘The Animal Translator’ so he can understand what his dog called Penny is saying, to a group of friends (Charlie, Olivia and Henry) working together to create ‘The Tree Pencil’ which meant that every pencil could turn into a tree once it’s been used. There are 7 books to capture the imagination of children from aged 3+ and at the end of every book is a section for them to write down their own ideas and begin to sketch them out.

Jenny Pool, 7billionideas Director and leading our new 7billBOOK division said, “we couldn’t be more excited about publishing these books on amazon and the kindle. We envisage the 7billBOOK collection to become part of every child’s early years reading and sitting alongside books such as the Mr Men collection. Thank you to all those children who’ve inspired us along the way and we can’t wait to publish more books and story lines in the future.”

The 7billBOOK collection is available now on Amazon and Kindle and can be purchased anywhere in the world. To have the potential to feature as a character in our new range of books, please post a picture of you or your child with the book online and use the hastag #7billBOOKs. Later this year we will announce the lucky group of individuals who will feature in the next series of books.

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