22nd February 2019

Badminton School partners with 7billionideas to launch ideas platform, Spark.

7billionideas is delighted to announce a new and exciting collaboration with Badminton School, the Bristol-based, top independent day and boarding school for girls. Badminton is the latest organisation to sign up to Spark, the 7billionideas ideas platform designed to harness innovation through employee engagement.

The implementation of Spark means that every one of the School’s 244 employees –  from the senior leadership team to the domestic staff – now have a platform to contribute their ideas for improving the school for all its stakeholders. The principle of Spark is that to effect real and lasting change, you need the input of the people who know the the organisation the best, and that is its employees. It is borne from the knowledge that if everyone contributes to enhancing effectiveness in their area by even a miniscule amount, the incremental effects can be enormous.

7billionideas CEO, David Harkin, commented: “Spark places employees at the centre of change by giving them a steer on their organisation’s future successes so is an incredibly empowering tool. Working with an innovative school like Badminton has been a great  privilege .”

Amongst the benefits of Spark are its promotion of bottom-up leadership and talent identification, factors that have guaranteed employee engagement for the platform. Badminton School’s Headmistress, Rebecca Tear, commented on its initial success, “ We had over 50 ideas in the first 2 days.  Hopefully we are on target for 100 ideas by 100 days as a nice milestone to celebrate!”

The appeal of Spark is in its long term support to help give shape and structure to the ideas as they are formed. Rebecca Tear said, “Getting the innovation team together and pushing the ideas past the initial stages is a challenge and we have received great support from Tara at 7Billionideas regarding information to feed back and tools to motivate staff who might be reluctant initially. But our experience so far is that the staff are loving Spark. ”

For more information on Spark, take a look at our website:  https://www.7billionideas.com/innovation-hub


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