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Happy International Women’s Day #BalanceforBetter

It’s International Women’s Day – an opportunity for businesses to  reflect on where we stand in terms of gender balance in the boardroom and beyond.   How many of us see gender diversity as a core business issue? How many of us truly consider work and home equality our responsibility? Emboldened employers and, crucially, employees…

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People Analytics – How employee engagement is a business leader’s most vital tool.

Employee engagement is increasingly recognised as being at the cornerstone for innovation and marginal gains in the corporate world; the answer to every business leader’s problem they didn’t know they had. Quality staff retention, renewed productivity, increased profits and happy customers are the holy grail but while everyone might agree on the benefits, the road…

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Employee Engagement is not just for Christmas

A Christmas employee engagement plan, when used wisely and as part of an ongoing strategy of involving your best assets in the future of your business, can have effects that last well into the new year. Businesses in the UK often have a complex relationship with this period of festivities, as staff hastily use up…

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