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7billionideas and Arcadia Preparatory School enter into a second year of partnership with a successful series of workshops

7billionideas’s CEO David Harkin visited Arcadia Preparatory School in October 2017 and held a series of successful workshops with the students, parents and teachers of the school as the relationship enters into its second year.

David Harkin has taken on the role of ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’ at the school, with Arcadia Preparatory School being the first in the Middle East to appoint such a role. David and the 7billionideas team visit each term to work with the school and its extended family helping to unlock everyone’s entrepreneurial DNA. We also built on the fantastic Junior MBA programme which is being led by the schools CEO – Navin Valrani.

Kephren Sherry, Deputy Principal at Arcadia Preparatory School said:

“Both the Junior MBA programme and our work alongside our Entrepreneur in Residence are creating some very exciting opportunities for the pupils to be involved with. It is important that children have access to such innovative education and it is our responsibility to fully equip them to be future, global citizens. We have a whole school commitment to entrepreneurship and will continue to build it into our curriculum to offer pupils the very best start.”

David Harkin, CEO of 7billionideas, added:

“Our relationship with Arcadia Preparatory School is going from strength to strength and I was delighted with the reception we received during our recent visit. The staff, pupils and parents at the school fully embrace the entrepreneurial vision established by Navin Valrani. We have lots of exciting projects coming up to work alongside exciting initiatives such as the Junior MBA programme, a first of its kind for the school. Arcadia is truly leading the way for entrepreneurship within schools in the Middle East and we can’t wait to work with the school in the future as the relationship grows.”

7billionideas is an ideas company, existing to connect the 7 billion people on the planet with their own ideas through their social media app, their corporate business and their education business. They have proudly worked with over 50,000 students over the last 5 academic years from all over the world, some of the largest companies in the world and have tens of thousands of users using their platform and following them on social media. To learn more about 7billionideas visit

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