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7billionideas and Brooke Western Trust partner together for the first time

#BelieveBig2018 was an ideas competition for the secondary schools of Brooke Weston Trust run by 7billionideas. In January 2018, 7billionideas visited the 5 secondary schools of Brooke Western Trust to launch our ideas competition designed to encourage students to generate, develop and then articulate their ideas which they feel could change the world.  #BelieveBig2018 will see the winning idea turned into a short children’s book.  This week we had the conclusion of the final, held at Rockingham Speedway in Corby.

Students took part in warm up activities before preparing their stalls to showcase their innovative ideas to the judges. After much deliberation, the judges awarded certificates to the following schools for best stall, model and poster, before announcing 3rd, 2nd and 1st place for the overall winner of #BelieveBig2018.

- Best Stall: Robodog – Brooke Western Academy

- Best Poster: Mels – Corby Business Academy

- Best Model: Mount Energy – Kettering Science Academy

- 3rd Place: Bin Bonus – Corby Business Academy

- 2nd Place: Snaplexia – Corby Business Academy

- 1st Place: Breathalyser – Corby Technical School

A big well doneto Corby Technical School, whose idea, Breathalyser, would see cars adapted with technology that would render them unable to start until the driver provided a breath test free from alcohol. We are very excited to see this turned in to a book.

David Harkin, CEO of 7billionideas said:

“This is the first year that we have partnered with the Brooke Western Trust to support their Ambition for All campaign. We have been beyond impressed with the level of creativity and engagement from the students of Brooke Western Trust schools. Key Stage 3 students have worked on their ideas that could change the world and the final showcased the incredibly diverse set of inventions. A huge thank you to all the students and teachers of the Trust who have made this first competition such a success. We are now looking forward to the launch of the Primary School competition in May.”

A huge thank you must be said to Rockingham Speedway, our hosts for the final. A big well done to every student that participated in the competition and all the teachers who have helped make it a reality in their schools. 7billionideas and Brooke Western Trust can’t wait to work with you in 2019 to see what ideas you generate next year!

7billionideas is an ideas company, existing to connect the 7 billion people on the planet with their own ideas through their social media app, their corporate business and their education business. They have proudly worked with over 50,000 students over the last 5 academic years from all over the world, some of the largest companies in the world and have tens of thousands of users using their platform and following them on social media. To learn more about 7billionideas visit

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