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7billionideas and Love West Norfolk inspire Future Entrepreneurs

On Tuesday 13th March 2018 50 pupils aged between 11 and 13 from 8 schools in Norfolk took park in a day long workshop to promote entrepreneurial thinking, encourage team work and spark the creativity of participants.

Some fantastic ideas were developed including a safety scanner box, a litter picking robot, a mobile home for the homeless, thermo-clothing and a watch which stops traffic letting drivers know which disability the pedestrian suffers from to let them know they’ll need extra time to cross.

Judges were left with the difficult task of choosing a winner, but after much deliberation King’s Lynn Academy were crowned winners for their Save Our Society Box. The public can use the box to inform the operator of a problem, in which the operator will judge whether the call is a genuine emergency and give the caller an option to call the emergency services.

The students themselves thoroughly enjoyed the day with one enthusing: “I can’t wait to go home and tell my family”

David Harkin, CEO of 7billionideas, said:

“What an amazing day. The students of West Norfolk have truly demonstrated that they have amazing imaginations with the creation of their ideas which could change the world. The level of innovation in the room was outstanding and West Norfolk should be excited to see the talent of the next generation of entrepreneurs in this region. It was a huge pleasure to be part of this event."

7billionideas is an ideas company, existing to connect the 7 billion people on the planet with their own ideas through their social media app, their corporate business and their education business. They have proudly worked with over 50,000 students over the last 5 academic years from all over the world, some of the largest companies in the world and have tens of thousands of users using their platform and following them on social media. To learn more about 7billionideas visit

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