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7billionideas and North Tyneside Trust in third partnership to launch #TyneTogether2019

7billionideas and the North Tyneside Trust have once again joined forces to find the most creative young minds in the region. The #TyneTogether2019 Roadshow involves around 3,000 children from 28 primary schools who will now compete to develop ideas that might just change the world.

The competition, which is now in its third year, is designed to inspire innovators and entrepreneurs of the future, encouraging pupils to generate a variety of world changing ideas on subjects such as the environment, health, technology and sport. Since its start, the 7billionideas competitions have generated a fantastic array of unbridled ideas, from a car that sucks up pollution and turns it into energy to a GPS connected earpiece to help visually impaired people find their way around.

The participating children who are all between ages five to 11, will work in small teams to form their ideas before creating posters, models, musical jingles and presentations. Eventually, one team from each school will be chosen to go through to the #TyneTogether2019 final where one overall winner will be chosen.

7billionideas CEO, David Harkin, said,

“The young children in this region have already proven themselves incredibly creative and showing signs of becoming world class leaders of the future! We can’t wait to see what wonderful ideas they are going to come up with next.”

The winning teams from each school will gather together on 2nd April 2019 for a grand final which will see one idea take shape in the form of a lovely, colour-illustrated story book that introduces their idea to the world – a life-long memento of their success as well as an inspiration to continue to think big and dream big.

Kehri Ellis, North Tyneside Trust CEO, commented,

“‘We are absolutely delighted to be working with 7billionideas on Tyne Together 2019.  I am very much looking forward to meeting the winning teams from each school at the live final.”
Josh launches the competition at assemblies across North Tyneside schools.

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