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7billionideas and Perins School – Celebrating 5 years of partnership in 2016

As we look back and celebrate 5 academic years in the education sector, 7billionideas can be proud of everything it has achieved. We’ve worked with over 50,000 students in the UK, partnered with some of the biggest multi-academy trusts in the country, worked with exciting charities and even begun to build our international footprint in countries such as Australia, Germany and Dubai to name a few. However – where did it all begin?

Perins School in Hampshire is the answer to that question and we’re delighted that for the 5th year in a row that we’re working with their students on their exciting transformation project once again. After being introduced to Mel Pearce (Assistant Head) by 7billionideas fan and parent Claire Saines back at the start of 2012 the relationship has flourished since then.

Every year we work with their year 7’s on a special PHSE programme, where they’re challenged to generate and develop their ideas. They build posters, prototypes, videos, presentations and even in some cases create songs to help promote their ideas. Over the 6 week programme, the students grow and develop their entrepreneurial, employability and literacy skills as they work with each other on their ideas.

David Harkin (7billionideas CEO) was there on the very first assembly back in 2012 and still commits to delivering this project annually. He said

‘It’s a great pleasure going back to Perin’s annually to launch our programme of learning. This year, I even had some conversations with the Year 10/11 students as I walked into the school who came up and told me they still remembered their Year 7 project and how much they enjoyed it. It’s a great reminder of where we started and a great privileged to keep coming back to a school which gave us our first opportunity in the education sector to deliver a programme of learning to their students. It’s a great feeling to know we’ve inspired every student in year 7-11 at some point in the last 5 years at that wonderful school.’

Mel Pearce (Assistant Head) and Amy Craig (Team Leader of Transform) said

‘The 7billionideas team have an engaging and motivating manner to enthuse our students. The personalised service is what we really enjoy, hence why we have 7billionideas visit us for the past 5 years.  The genuine manner in their delivery fits perfectly with our Transformational Learning curriculum, students are inspired by 7billionideas and look forward to the project ahead. The content of the bespoke programme fits well with our ethos of collaboration, innovation and team work. Most importantly, the students enjoy developing and sharing their ideas on an international platform.'

We shall look forward to completing this year’s project in the coming weeks and partnering with Perin’s for many more years to come

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