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7billionideas and Weshare Healthcare create innovation platform to combat COVID-19 crisis

London, United Kingdom — 7billionideas has partnered with Weshare Healthcare to share innovative solutions addressing the COVID-19 challenges facing the NHS and healthcare services across the world. In conjunction with 7billionideas’ digital partner, Selesti, they have collaborated to adapt their ideation platform called Spark to allow healthcare professionals to share innovative solutions that have been implemented to combat the coronavirus.

As the speed of innovation accelerates and the number of effective solutions grow–a new challenge has arisen: rapidly sharing best practices. At present there is no central repository for process and product innovation in response to COVID-19. Working in conjunction with the founder of WeShare, Ryan Kerstein, 7billionideas are building a single and centralised platform which allows clinicians and scientists to share their solutions and innovations for care in the age of COVID-19.

7billionideas are excited to support Weshare in their vision of spreading innovative healthcare solutions quickly, efficiently, and safely. The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented challenge to global health, disrupting every aspect of the care the NHS delivers. As the situation continues to evolve, new problems and questions around the co-ordination of research efforts, nursing and medical best practices, and shortages of critical equipment are rising daily.

However, healthcare services around the world face enormous challenges not just in the care of COVID-19 affected patients, but also in the continued delivery of care to the thousands who still require NHS services for unrelated conditions. Healthcare providers are considering how they effectively remodel their services, provide continuity for patients with chronic health conditions, and meet the needs of those requiring acute care, surgery and obstetric care–all with limited resources. Across the NHS, Europe, and the world innovative solutions are being developed in answer to the questions posed by COVID-19. Processes and care pathways are being redesigned, new products brought to market, and old products reimagined.

Weshare Healthcare aims to empower healthcare professionals from around the world to share their initiatives. 7billionideas, with the support of Selesti, are delighted to be able to play a part in helping to transfer the knowledge of innovative ideas and solutions for the benefit of all during this unprecedented time.

Check out the platform here.

7billionideas is an ideas company, existing to connect the 7 billion people on the planet with their own ideas. They work in both the education and corporate sector.  They have proudly worked with over 100,000 students over the last 7 years from all over the world, and have tens of thousands of users on its innovation platform in companies around the world.

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