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7billionideas announces new incoming directors

7billionideas (7b) is delighted to announce that as of 2020 it will be extending its leadership team by appointing a Director of Operations, Compliance and Quality, and a Director of Design and Marketing. These roles will be filled by Lola Ospanova and Ravi Chauhan respectively.

David Harkin, CEO of 7billionideas, said: ‘While both of them will be graduating to the director’s team in 12 months, we are announcing this massive step forward early to allow them to expand their roles and grow their knowledge in other areas of the business. Lola and Ravi have already made huge contributions to the company, and it’s exciting to see them grow together with 7billionideas. Their example shows that everybody has the opportunity to grow and push themselves in this organisation.’

With an MBA from the University of Oxford and over 13 years of experience of operations management in aviation, Lola will be overseeing operations, compliance & quality across 7billionideas. In 7billionideas, Lola has spent two years working closely with the CEO, focusing on business development and then operations. As Director of Operations, Compliance and Quality, she will be responsible for building the strategy to scale the company’s operations, and furthermore ensuring client expectations are met and surpassed.

Likewise, Ravi Chauhan will be leading a team of designers and marketers to further elevate the company’s profile on an international level. Ravi, currently 21 years old, originally joined 7billionideas as an Executive Assistant to the CEO in 2017, right after successfully completing his internship at IBM. Since then, he formed and managed a multi-disciplinary team of students that support the company’s operations and marketing from Manchester and redesigned 7billionideas’ products in the education space. In the next year, he will complete his degree at the University of Manchester, and lead Manchester Entrepreneurs.

The expansion of the leadership board shows that 7billionideas continues to set itself up for long-term growth, which will deepen its role in the education and corporate sectors alike. These ambitions are shared by the incoming directors, along with the rest of the 7b team.

Commenting on her vision of the company, Lola Ospanova says:

‘I would like to see 7billionideas as a leading education partner with an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to education, and I embrace our aim to become the leading provider of the entrepreneurial courses and services to students, teachers, and leadership teams. In the meantime my goal will be to make our operations and delivery scaleable, and to build a larger team that would support our goals and aspirations.’  

Ravi Chauhan also comments:

‘We’ve got a huge amount of potential and I’m very excited to get to work. Education as a sector is ready to change and embracing innovation will mean a generation of better equipped students for the ever-changing future. In the next year, I will be completing my degree, before seeking to create the messaging and products that will push 7billionideas to another level. Watch this space!’

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