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7billionideas celebrates 5 years of collaborating with Farnham Heath End School

An idea has to start somewhere and for 7billeducation it started at two wonderful schools in the South East Of England, one being Farnham Heath End School (FHES) 5 years ago. This week we celebrated launching our 5th year in partnership together.

FHES is a mixed co-educational secondary school with academy status, with roughly 900 pupils. In Year 7 they have time in the curriculum for what they describe as their ‘Opening Minds’ projects – projects which are intended to raise aspirations, encourage students to understand the wider world and indeed – open their minds! Ever since this programme was introduced 7billionideas has supported the school and worked with their Year 7’s over a 5-week period as they formed a team, develop ideas and pick up key life skills along the way.

7billionideas has tailored their programme specifically for FHES to fit into their opening minds objections and to help with the transition of a student into secondary school. What’s special about going back to FHES every year, is to see all the pupils we’ve previously work again, who immediately come and say hello with big smiles on their faces, still fondly remembering their project with 7billionideas.

Lisa Harms, Head Of Opening Minds at FHES said

‘We have been working collaboratively with 7billionideas for the past 5 years and absolutely love the inspirational and engaging activities they deliver for our students. Each year the students comment on their enjoyment and passion for thinking big and dreaming big with the 7billionideas team. We have developed a strong relationship with the company and we are extremely proud to be an Ambassador school for them. The life skills and competencies that our students use require them to manage situations, manage people, to work to deadlines and enhance their citizenship skills. We are very proud to work in partnership with such a fantastic company!'

David Harkin, 7billionideas CEO, added

‘It’s always a delight going back to FHES. Our education arm had to start somewhere and immediately Lisa and the team at Farnham could see the value we could add to their students and give us our first real opportunity, which we relished and jumped on. It’s crazy to think that since that first assembly, we’ve now worked with over 50,000 students across the world and will continue to do all we can to inspire students to think big about their ideas and careers. I personally will always come back to FHES to launch our programme for as long as they have us!'
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