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7billionideas on the TEDx stage – Can a 4 year old change the world?

20th January 2018 was an exciting day as 7billionideas CEO, David Harkin, realised a lifelong ambition and became a TEDx speaker. It was to a sold-out Rose Theatre that David asked the question, “Can a 4 year old change the world?” It takes months of preparation, and a strong support team, to devise and refine a successful TEDx talk. With David’s wealth of experience in the education sector and working with young people, we hope you can agree that his passion for his chosen topic shone through from the start.

The feedback from people who have taken the time to listen to David’s talk has been extremely positive, with emails and messages coming in from all over the globe. One parent even took the time to interview their own child and see if they felt they could change the world – it was heart-warming to watch and one we encourage more parents to do.

David Harkin himself added:

“Speaking at this event has been one of the highlights of my career, more so being able to share with an audience some important messages I believe we could all to better to consider both in our business and personal lives. I truly believe we are missing out on millions of missed opportunities every day, because we do not listen to each other properly. Whether it was the interviews, my visuals, facts or quotes that resonate with you, I do not really mind, but I hope that you all take something away from it and importantly we all begin to build environments where we truly listen to each. This is what we help schools and businesses to do around the world and they reap the rewards every single day.”

If you are yet to view the talk it can be seen at:

7billionideas is an ideas company, existing to connect the 7 billion people on the planet with their own ideas through their social media app, their corporate business and their education business. They have proudly worked with over 60,000 students over the last 6 academic years from all over the world, some of the largest companies in the world and have tens of thousands of users using their platform and following them on social media. To learn more about 7billionideas visit

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