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7billionideas partners with ‘Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need’ to put 28 children through their education over the next year

In May 2017, 7billionideas confirmed an agreement with the charity – Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need – to become a Gold Sponsor and fund the education of 28 girls for a whole academic year. Their travel to school, teacher’s salary, resources and books will all be covered and they will even each receive 1 medical examination a year in an attempt to prevent any long term illnesses.

7billllionideas came across the charity while working at Surbiton High School. A social enterprise club was being lead by teacher Joseph Humphries and the club have raised money for the charity over many years. 7billionideas have applauded their efforts from a distance but really wanted to now get involved and do what we could to support this amazing charity. After some initial discussions with the charity lead, 7billionideas had no hesitations in committing to help.

David Harkin, 7billionideas CEO said,

“at 7billionideas we aim to inspire every student to think big and to dream big. We’ve been lucky enough to work with 50,000 students across the world, however, there are some students we can’t access at this stage and some who just aren’t lucky enough to have what they need for basic education.  If over the next 12 months, these 28 students can flourish by having an education, unlock their imaginations and stay healthy and safe, then forming a partnership with KYGN like this is an absolute no-brainer. In the coming years, I hope we can sponsor the whole school through their education over a generation – that will be our ambition as a company.”

Mandy Barrie, Chair of KYGN UK, said

“We’re delighted and proud that 7billionideas has chosen to be a Gold Sponsor and will support a KYGN class for a whole year.  7billionideas will be a sponsor for Primary 2, a talented and lively class of twenty-eight children aged 6-10.  The partnership brings not only much needed funding to the school, but we are also looking forward to working with 7billionideas to come up with new ways to reach out to supporters in the UK and across the World and develop new income streams.”

Annamariah Kanondo, KYGN Director, said

‘‘To know that we have funding for one of our classes for a whole year means that we can focus on constantly improving the education and care we offer our children, confident that we can pay for school equipment, food and salaries.  This funding means that some of the most disadvantaged children in Tanzania will receive an education that compares with the best schools in our country.”

To help fund our commitment, all the proceeds from the 7billBOOKs will go directly to the charity. If you would like to know more about the charity or see how you can get involved, please visit –

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