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7billionideas partners with Midlands Academies Trust and Aldi to launch #YOURworld2017

On the 16th January 2017, 7billionideas will be kicking off a region competition with the education body, Midlands Academies Trust. We shall be visiting 5 schools in 3 days and proudly launch #YOURworld2017 for the first time.

#YOURworld2017 is an ideas competition for the Key Stage 3 students across the trust. Students will generate and develop ideas that could change the world. The ideas could be about absolutely anything, as long as the idea has a positive impact. If it makes the world healthier, it counts. If it makes the world smile, it counts. If it makes the world work better, it counts.

Over a 6 week period, students will work in teams of 3 of their ideas. They will create posters, models and presentations to help explain their idea and their passion for it. Eventually, 1 team from each year group will be chosen and will go through to the first ever #YOURworld2017 final.

Why have we called it #YOURworld2017? Because we want the students of the Midlands Academies Trust to realise that this is their world and each of them could shape it’s future. We truly believe that every one of the students involved in the competition has the capability to change the world.

Robin Shakespeare, Midlands Academies Trust, said:

“The Midland Academies Trust has chosen to work with 7billionideas to launch #YOURworld2017 in January 2017.  7billionideas is an organisation designed around “instilling a sense of belief in people and unlocking the entrepreneurial DNA, which is inside every single student”.  Their mission dovetails perfectly with our core values of developing enterprise within our students and form a key part of our programme of MAT competitions. This project is about students working in teams to generate their “big idea” which will make the world a healthier, happier or smarter place. We can’t wait to see what the students come up with.”

David Harkin, CEO, 7billionideas, said:

“We can’t wait to kick off #YOURworld2017 in style by visiting the schools of Midlands Academies Trust and speaking with their Year 7,8 and 9’s. We know the students will generate a variety of world changing ideas which will be linked to multiple topics, including politics, health, sport and sustainability. We’re excited to see the entrepreneurial spirit in every student be unlocked by this competition and can’t wait to work with the schools of the Midlands Academies Trust. It’s also fantastic to have Aldi on board who will be our hosts for this year’s final”

Roll on the roadshow and a successful competition with the Midlands Academies Trust and Aldi.

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