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7billionideas partners with the Creative Education Trust to launch #Change2017

On the 26th January 2017, 7billionideas will be kicking off a country wide competition with the Multi-Academy Trust, Creative Education Trust. We shall be visiting 5 schools in 2 days and proudly launching #Change2017 for the first time.

#Change2017 is an ideas competition for the Year 5 students across the trust. Students will generate and develop ideas that could change the world. The ideas could be about absolutely anything, as long as the idea has a positive impact. If it makes the world healthier, it counts. If it makes the world smile, it counts. If it makes the world work better, it counts.

Over a 6 week period, students will work in teams of 3 of their ideas. They will create posters, models and presentations to help explain their idea and their passion for it. Eventually 2 teams from each year school will be chosen and will go through to the first ever #Change2017 final.

Why have we called it #Change2017? Because we want to challenge the students of the Creative Education Trust to not only think about but begin to visualise how they could change the world.

Emily Campbell, Director of Programmes, Creative Education Trust, said:

“7billionIdeas presents enterprise in a wonderfully elemental way as the ability to make change. We all have it, but we need help making it practical. Their six-week ‘world-changing ideas’ competition will guide our youngest entrepreneurs through a creative process of brainstorming, prototyping and presentation to give them the incredible satisfaction of seeing an idea turn into reality.”

David Harkin, CEO, 7billionideas, said:

“We can’t wait to kick off #Change2017 in style by visiting the schools of the Creative Education Trust and speak with their Year 5 students. It’s an honour to be working with an education body which is so closely linked to our values of delivering a creative education day in, day out. We’re excited to see the entrepreneurial spirit be unlocked and developed by every student in Year 5 and then celebrate their imaginations on the first ‘Day Of Change’ event in March.”

Roll on the roadshow and a successful competition with the Creative Education Trust.

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