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7billionideas trains IBM on our ‘Back To School’ Programme

On the 26th January 2017, 7billionideas welcomed 32 IBM delegates into one of our amazing 7billeducation schools, Surbiton High School, to complete one of our ‘Back To School’ training days.

7billTRAINING exists to inspire businesses and organisations of all sizes to think big and dream big about the possibility of their ideas. On our training programmes, provide delegates with the opportunity to be inspired to create, develop and then put into action ideas that can have a big business impact.

7billionideas has been working with IBM for 2 years, specifically helping to train their graduate and intern community which is a vibrate and vital part of the IBM workforce in the UK. With over 700 graduates, apprentices, interns and future students, IBM believe it’s vital that from day 1 their employees get into a habit of living and breathing innovation every single day – and that’s where we come in!

Our ‘Back To School’ programme, is when we don’t run the training in an office or hotel, but at one of our 7billeducation schools. Throughout the training session, we are joined by students who help with certain creative tasked which are aimed at helping delegates to begin to think differently. At the end of the training session, the company, in this case, IBM, have the opportunity to talk to a room full of sixth formers about the opportunities open to them within their business and run a networking session for the students, which is an invaluable experience for them.

Noelle Moyler, IBM Early Professional Manager,

“These hands-on workshops with 7billionideas support and enable our Early Professionals along with the students from Surbiton High School to put into practice one of IBM’s three values “‘Innovation that matters — for our company and for the world”. Today, was a great example of how bringing together these three organisations inspires us all to solve problems and create new ideas.”

Coral Lutteridge, IBM Graduate said

‘A huge thank you to 7billionideas for hosting such a fantastic and thought provoking event today at Surbiton High School. I have taken so much from the day and the event completely exceeded my expectations. I am truly inspired!'

Thank you to IBM and importantly Surbiton High School for hosting our training. Your students were amazing and certainly helped us to achieve our training goals. If you’re interested to learn more about 7billtraining, please email or comment below and we shall be in touch.

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