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7billionideas #UnitedApp2016 winners launch #financialhelper in the App Store

The winning app idea from the 7billionideas and United Learning ideas competition called #UnitedApp2016, went live into the App Store on Friday 14th October. A group of pupils from Greenacre School launched their educational app, to help young people manage their money, following the national competition.

Financial Helper, their app, is designed to educate teenagers on financial concepts, such as APRs, tax and credit cards, using easy to understand language so that students leave school able to save and spend their money wisely. The girls came up with the idea as part of a country-wide app development competition.

The team of four – Olivia, Lauren, Jennifer and Olivia – beat over 400 other entries to become competition winners and have since been working with a web developer and business advisor from United Learning to turn their ideas into a reality. As part of the process, the students have spent months putting together market research and competitor analysis, conducting focus groups with peers from local schools, testing the app and improving the designs.

Now available in the App Store, Financial Helper is divided into three parts:

  • Your money – which deals with managing your money wisely, including bank and savings accounts;
  • Buying stuff – which is about credit and debit cards, purchase insurance and more;
  • The Future – which teaches young people about financial concepts such as tax.

The app is also divided into two age ranges – 11 to 14 and 15 to 18 – and contains a helpful quiz game to allow users to test their new financial knowledge.

Megan Guinan, Head of Year 9 at Greenacre School and the teacher who helped the students throughout the UnitedApp process, said:

“The girls have gained so much from this experience – working in a team, managing their time, overcoming difficulties and having to learn very quickly about things like copyrighting, financial terminology and educational ethics. They experienced a day working in a busy office in London, they had to lead discussion groups of students their own age and older and they have done it all while maintaining their normal school work, exam revision and sports training. They have learned more than could be covered in any classroom – what an amazing opportunity!”

Jennifer, a member of the app team, said:

“It was an amazing opportunity and an experience that I can carry into my future. From this competition, I have learned how to better cooperate as a team and I am now definitely a lot more knowledgeable in finance!”

Another team member, Olivia, said:

“The best part of the experience for me had to be going up to IBM Warwick for the App Final, it was such a professional place and I really felt privileged to have had the opportunity to go there, especially with my friends. I have learned so many things from this, such as how to work in a team and manage your time well. Working in a team was definitely the hardest, though, as you have to make sure everyone has their say in decisions, that everyone is involved, and that sometimes you won’t get your way! But this has been an unforgettable experience.”

A big well done to everyone involved and thank you to our 2016 sponsors – Casio Projectors, IDNS, Clevertouch and IBM.

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