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7billionideas wins COBIS Supporting Member of the Year Award

This prestigious Supporting Member of the Year award recognises 7billionideas’ innovation and successful partnership with British School Jakarta (BSJ). In 2018, led by 7billionideas, BSJ  entered a transformational change programme. David Harkin, the CEO of 7billionideas, worked closely with BSJ to invest in changing the mentality of academic and non-academic staff to create a vision around an employee engagement platform named

This platform enables employees to pitch their ideas on how to improve the methods and practices within their workplace. Staff members would post an idea, like or comment on the ideas of others. These would be developed into a thread of comments generating unique solutions to problems that were being felt across the organisation. By implementing the ideas from the platform, costs have been reduced, time has been saved, revenue generated and staff engagement as a whole has increased. BSJ is seen as having a unique offering within the region.

7billionideas operates in both the education and the corporate sector. In partnership with UK Multi Academy Trusts, UK independent schools, and schools across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, 7billionideas has worked with over 100,000 students over its 7 year history, implementing virtual and face-to-face courses on Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

David Harkin, CEO of 7billionideas said: ‘We are delighted to be recognised by COBIS for our work with British School Jakarta. It’s been an on-going project for a number of years which is having a profound impact in the community and is more important than ever. It shows what can be achieved when like-minded organisations come together to do something incredibly special and we’re proud to help with the school’s #morethanaschool campaign.’

David Butcher, Principal of British School of Jakarta, said: 'On behalf of BSJ, we are delighted to receive this award in association with one of our integral educational partners, 7billionideas.  At BSJ we aim to provide a world class education that is founded upon teaching and learning that goes beyond the classroom. I am very grateful to David and his team for giving our students additional skills that will be vital in their future after BSJ.'

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