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7billionideas works with it’s first school in the Middle East – The Arcadia Preparatory School

The Arcadia Preparatory School is set to become the first primary school in the Middle East to roll out an “Entrepreneur-in-Residence” programme with the international ideas company ‘7billionideas’.

Aiming to become one of the leading British primary schools in the region, The Arcadia Preparatory School, located in Jumeirah Village Triangle, is now looking to inspire and teach young children the basics of entrepreneurship with the international ideas company ‘7billionideas’.

Set to open in August 2016, the school aspires to instill a lifelong passion for learning by nurturing innovation. In this pursuit, The Arcadia Preparatory School has formed an official partnership with the UK based programme, ‘7billionideas’ to offer an “Entrepreneur-in-Residence” programme.  The Arcadia Preparatory School will be the first school in the Middle East to work in partnership with the 7billionideas team.

David Harkin, CEO of 7billionideas said, ‘We couldn’t be more excited about partnering with the Arcadia Preparatory School in working with their students. We believe every school has a responsibility to unlock the entrepreneurial DNA which exists in every pupil and that begins from the moment they join a school. We look forward to doing our bit in inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs in Dubai at the school.’

Navin Valrani, CEO of The Arcadia Preparatory School, explained that the school would receive training from experts in the UK to launch this exciting and innovative initiative. He added:

“We are thrilled to launch this programme for our pupils. Entrepreneurial programmes prepare students for long-term academic excellence and motivate them to work towards career achievement. With the 7billionideas programme, our pupils will be encouraged to express their ideas and with help, these ideas can become great tangible business ventures.”

Valrani explained that the initiative will be implemented for all pupils from Year 1 and upwards and will allow pupils to dream big about the possibility of their ideas. Each activity within the initiative is designed to develop teamwork, presentation, public speaking and listening skills by combining idea generation and development.

“Parents will also have workshops designed specifically for them. We really aim to get everybody from the Arcadia family involved,” said Navin. He added: “New possibilities will be explored and none of us yet know what the children will come up with, which really is all part of the excitement!”

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