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Launching Unleashing Potential in Romania

On May 15-16, 7billionideas launched its ‘Unleashing Potential’ course in the International School of Bucharest (ISB).

The course was made available to students of Year 10 & 12 as part of the ISB’s Humanities week. During the seminar, students were organized into teams that represented consulting firms. They were tasked with the responsibility to research different business models, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each. The teams then offered their recommendations in a presentation assembly where their classmates decided which consulting firm deserved a £1 million investment.

One of the participating students, Arsh Fatima, surmised, ‘This was one of the best experiences. It taught me a lot about business and working with everyone was amazing.”

Tudor Durnescu further remarked, “I found the 7billionideas course to be both informative and enjoyable. I was glad to learn about real life skills which we don’t always get the chance to cover in classes. I also developed my team-working and communication skills as well as my public speaking capabilities; I recommend this course to all ISB students.”

Another student, Mihai Pacuraru, mentioned, “I thought it was a nice experience. I learned a lot about business and would like to take part next year.”

In the closing ceremony, awards of commendation were presented to students Tudor Durnescu, Razvan Karim, and David Escobar for their achievements during the course.

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