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North Tyneside students changing the world with 7billionideas

At the start of this year, 7billionideas visited 17 primary schools on behalf of North Tyneside Learning Trust to launch an exciting ideas competition called #TyneTogether2017. The competition was designed to encourage students to generate, develop and then articulate their ideas which they feel could change the world – the winning idea would be turned into a short children’s book.  This week we had the conclusion of the final, hosted at Tyne Metropolitan College in Newcastle.

Schools travelled from all across North Tyneside to show the judges their amazing work. The day started off with a creative challenge where students built the biggest marshmallow tower they could in under 20 minutes. The primary school students then had some time to get their stalls ready to show the judges, before the judges spent a few minutes with each stall seeing what the students had been inventing and working on.

After much deliberation, the judges awarded certificates to the following schools for best stall, model and poster, before announcing 3rd, 2nd and 1st place for the overall winner of #TyneTogether2017

- Best Stall: Benton Dene Primary

- Best Model: Whitehouse Primary

- Best Poster: Stephenson Memorial Primary

- 3rd Place: Richardson Dees Primary

- 2nd Place: Ivy Road Primary

- 1st Place: Hazlewood Community Primary

A big well done to Hazlewood Community Primary, where the students generated and developed a superb idea aimed at helping the homeless. Their ‘Homely Solutions’ idea would aim to recycle shipping containers for homes for the homeless. They would have solar panels on the side to help source the energy needed for the container and on the roof, they would have an eco floor so they could grow their own veg, herbs and plants.  We can’t wait to work with the school and create a short book so this idea will never be forgotten.

A huge thank you must be said to our hosts for the day, our wonderful judges and of course North Tyneside Learning Trust who have helped made this competition possible. A big well done to every student that took in the competition and all the teachers who have helped make it a reality in their schools. 7billionideas and NTLT can’t wait to work with you in 2018 to see what ideas you generate next year!

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