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The World’s First Junior MBA Final – The Arcadia Preparatory School

The Arcadia Preparatory School in Dubai and 7billionideas have been partners since 2016 with the appointment of the first Entrepreneur in Residence (7billionideas CEO – David Harkin) at a school in the Middle East. Since then, entrepreneurship and enterprise at the school has gone from strength to strength as it continues to be a world leader in this space within education.

Now Arcadia Preparatory School has gone one-step further again with the launch of the region’s first programme for primary school pupils, to inspire and teach them the basics of entrepreneurship. The programme is based on the first year MBA programme and has been designed in conjunction with the school’s CEO, Navin Valrani, a graduate from two of the world’s leading business schools, The Wharton School of Business and the London Business School.

The Junior MBA will be offered to all pupils from Year 1 upwards and will cover areas such as finance, management, marketing and entrepreneurship. At the end of the programme, pupils will be given an opportunity to present their business ideas in front of their parents.

Navin Valrani, CEO of The Arcadia Preparatory School, said:  

“The Arcadia Junior MBA is designed to be an integral part of our Enrichment Learning Programme and will offer pupils the opportunity to create their own business plans. An initiative of this nature will plant the early seeds of entrepreneurship in the minds of young children and teach them how businesses can positively impact society. Someday these ideas may even turn out to be real businesses for Arcadia’s pupils. We look forward to doing our bit in inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs,”

David Harkin, CEO of 7billionideas said:

“Arcadia’s Junior MBA enhances the school’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence programme and gives pupils an opportunity to learn from Mr Valrani’s experience, serving as an Executive Board member for The Wharton School as well as member of the International Alumni Council of London Business School. As more and more students will leave education to start their own businesses, it is vital we empower them from an early age and tailor their education to meet this requirement. Recently I had the pleasure of being at the schools final of the MBA competition and the presentations from the students I will never forget, as the quality of every one of them was outstanding. Arcadia Preparatory School is changing the way entrepreneurship will be taught in schools.”

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