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#United2018 launches see 7billionideas partner with United Learning for a fourth successive year

The launch of #United2018 next week marks a 4th year of partnership for 7billionideas and United Learning. #UnitedApp2018 is an educational app ideas competition for Year 9 students within United Learning. With over 400 teams expected to compete for 10 finalist places over the course of five months it promises to be a fiercely contested competition, sparking the creativity, leadership skills, teamwork and, most importantly, ideas generation in all pupils participating. #UnitedIDEAS2018 is an educational IDEAS competition for Key Stage 2 students within United Learning, the winning team of the competition will have their idea produced in to the second #UnitedIDEAS book.

Dominic Norrish, Group Director of Technology at United Learning said:

“The #UnitedApp competition is much more than a competition to create an app.  It seeks to cultivate in students key skills such as teamwork, leadership, working through and solving problems, public speaking and ideas generation.  Through the various tasks involved in this competition, there should be something that appeals to every student whether or not they are technically minded. Our previous winners have come up with some excellent ideas and gone on successfully to build their apps so the bar is already set high for this year’s entrants – we are looking forward to seeing what they produce.”

Darran Lee, Primary Director at United Learning said:

“This year’s #UnitedIDEAS competition builds on the success of our first competition last year which saw our primary pupils come up with some brilliant and innovative world-changing ideas.  This competition challenges pupils to think creatively, encourages them to test boundaries and gives them an opportunity to do something they do not get to do ordinarily in the classroom. The sky really is the limit in this competition and I can’t wait to see what our budding young entrepreneurs think up this year.”

David Harkin, CEO of 7billionideas, added:

“It’s incredibly exciting to be partnering with United Learning for both the #UnitedApp2018 and #UnitedIDEAS2018 competitions. They are unique and exciting opportunities for students to come together and produce something tangible with the potential to change the world. We cannot wait to make this year’s competitions a bigger success than last year.”


7billionideas is an ideas company, existing to connect the 7 billion people on the planet with their own ideas through their social media app, their corporate business and their education business. They have proudly worked with over 50,000 students over the last 5 academic years from all over the world, some of the largest companies in the world and have tens of thousands of users using their platform and following them on social media. To learn more about 7billionideas visit

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