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Winners of #TyneTogether announced!

On 2nd of April 2019, the representatives of 28 schools assembled in Tyne Met college to compete for the final prize of #TyneTogether2019. Thanks to our partners, North Tyneside Learning Trust, this marked the third anniversary of the TyneTogether competition.

This year, over 5000 students who took part in the competition, demonstrated how their creative abilities could be applied in areas as diverse as sports, health, and environment, art or technology. Student started off by developing their individual responses to social issues of their interest, then, formed teams of three or four to refine their ideas and create prototypes, posters, and jingles. Finally, the students met in the intra-school competitions, where the candidates for the grand finale were selected.

On the day of the finals, 28 teams presented their world-changing ideas to the appraisal of seven panelists – David Bavaird, Chair of the North Tyneside Business Forum, Kehri Ellis, CEO North Tyneside Learning Trust, Tony Platten, Founder of Tynetec and Plattern Family Fund, Sandra Averden, Stakeholder Manager for Sisk, Deborah Rodenby, Youth Liason Manager for Nexus, Ketki Swant, Programme & Project Management Senior Analyst for Accenture, and Louise Milstead, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Engie.

After long considerations, the judges awarded official certificates and medals for teams with best posters, prototypes and the most articulate ideas. A special congratulations went to the team from Marden Bridge Middle School who won the first place for the projects ‘The Safety Knife’, a brand for new technologically-enabled knives that scan and store the blueprints of its owner – a small, but significant adjustment, which, according to the team, can significantly reduce knife crime. Congratulations to the winner team and we’re looking forward to seeing their idea published in a book.

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