20th June 2019

David Harkin, CEO of 7billionideas, in conversation with Hays Worldwide

Today’s market is changing, organizations need to innovate and do it fast – all of that echoes what has been repeated many times. A more interesting question seems to be ‘how’.

We claimed previously that one of the most effective ways to boost the company’s innovation is by leveraging the potential of their most valuable assets, employees. Creating more inclusive workplaces and encouraging ‘intrapreneurial’ behavior can have decisive effects on the overall product, services, and, most importantly, the culture of the organization.

Listen to these points being untangled by the CEO of 7billionideas, David Harkin, in the new podcast launched by the global recruitment company Hays Worldwide. David shares his advice for leaders regarding bottom-up innovation and good management practices and addresses the following questions:

  • The history of 7billionideas and how did it all get started?
  • What is bottom-up innovation and what are the best ways of cultivating it in organizations?
  • What are the positive impacts of ideas-sharing for employees and managers?
  • What is good leadership and how to develop a management style that is both efficient and inclusive?


Find the full interview here:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/hays_leadership_insights/10-encouraging-bottom-up-innovation-and-ideas-sharing-david-harkin-ceo-7billionideas

Viewpoint Blog: https://social.hays.com/2019/05/14/podcast-encouraging-bottom-up-innovation-ideas-sharing/


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